Plan for growth. Plan for Success.

Questions you need to know for creating a Business Growth Strategy

Plan for growth. Plan for Success.

If you are running a business, department, team, and doing well at it, odds are you will probably experience growth. Sometimes that growth can kill you. This is an oxymoron, how can growth kill something that is growing and successful? The answer is simple, if you are not proactive at managing that growth you might be in for a ride.

The issue with growth is that usually it’s organic or spontaneous. Even if it is sparked by a well executed marketing campaign, talent recruitment strategy, or expansion effort, the results are still spontaneous and therefore are a reaction of the execution of something else.

This makes them challenging to manage, in parallel with your current obligation to deliver the best product or service, department, or team. Picture those long days when you have spent countless meetings built to improve internal processes and redefine implementations, yet… for some reason, can’t hit that mark. You might find yourself asking:

  • Do I have enough resources?
  • Should I increase my maintenance team?
  • Where can I cut cost without sacrificing quality?
  • Will we deliver on time and on budget?

These are all direct effects of growth and taking charge of your resources, identifying weak points, proactively addressing issues that come with growth before they happen is managing growth. Asking yourself the right questions before the reaction is a reality:

  • If the execution is successful what will happen with this?
  • Do I have the right vendors in place that will provide instant scalability?
  • What can be delegated?
  • What duplicated efforts can be abolished?
  • What will no longer be needed?
  • How can the law of numbers apply?
  • Where can we cut cost?
  • Where can I cut cost without sacrificing quality?
  • Will we deliver on time and on budget?

Great questions deliver great ideas, and the solutions to those questions are executed by great implementation plans. Take charge and manage your growth efforts or it will kill you.

Written by Christian Lopez, Posted in Advancio Nearshore Outsourcing Blog and IT Talent

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Christian Lopez

Christian Lopez

Christian Lopez is a Full Stack Digital Marketing Professional with a passion for education, technology, and optimizing brands around the world.

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  • Brandon


    31 March 2015 at 20:15 |
    Great read. You gave good insight to what many business owners encounter. Thank you for sharing
  • Daniela


    03 April 2015 at 16:42 |
    You touched on key points I encountered when I first started my business. As a business owner, you can't plan for everything but preparing the right questions and possible solutions to those questions, can be a start toward the right direction and planning.

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