Emotions and its effects on individuals are no mystery. They can be thought of as reflexes which are naturally occurring. However, in regards to the full range of emotions, there’s a lot that we don’t know about yet. There are simply too many aspects of psychology and its sciences to form a general consensus around this topic.

Lack of emotion causes lack of progress and lack of motivation.

Tony Robbins

In business as in life, every action has a reaction. Every employee, vendor, and a client is entangled in a delicate web of interactions that sparks reactions that either come with positive or negative effects. These sparks need to be attended to consistently because if you let them go unnoticed, they can fracture your organization.

Remember the Pixar movie Inside Out? Only one of the five main emotions represented as a physical movie character was positive in nature, which was Joy. She was the one in charge of keeping everything running smoothly for the protagonist. There is a lot of negative emotions associated with business life and even life outside of business that can be found everywhere you look. Here are 5 positive emotions that are misunderstood by the most businesses:


The expectation of a positive outcome. Often attached to people that dream big and feel the need to communicate these feelings with other people. Can be seen as a distraction on decision-making teams. The truth in it all is the glimmer of hope for project completion or meeting deadlines. It is always good to have this in a stressful business environment.


Mostly misunderstood, it can be sometimes underappreciated. In a world where corporate secrets and delicate information has power, curiosity is one emotion/feeling that you need to cultivate to be able to understand and create. The internet and the world is morphing in a way that hasn’t been observed in recent human history. Capitalize on this.


Speed is everything in business and the antithesis of that is stopping to watch the birds and to get new insight or different perspectives on the world. Basically getting inspired is considered a waste of time for operations or decisions in fast-paced industries.


Or in this case overconfidence. It is a feel-good state of mind where you feel invincible. It might be noteworthy to point out about overconfidence is that your peers will either love or hate you for it automatically. It can create a fracture in the interaction between office partners, vendors, or clients.


This emotion feels like a taboo for many high ranking managers and business people in general, they tend to see fun and entertainment as a treat to everything related to productivity creating a dull environment that shuts down motivation.

It’s odd that so many people refer to emotions such as hope, interest, curiosity, excitement, and inspiration as a distraction and excess of optimism. These traits will help your company keep a positive energy around the office, creating a smooth environment to work in that minimizes the risk of negativity spreading. Speaking of negativity, here are 5 misunderstood negative emotions in the workplace:


The opposite of calm, and a very delicate state of mind for anyone who feels it, the thing about anger is that it serves as a driver for improvement when channeled in the correct way. Most businesses tend to take the first outburst of anger as something unforgivable, but it can be used as an opportunity to channel the energy of the employee on a positive route. One way to channel anger the right way begins by talking the issues the angry person, not so easy, you need to find the middle ground in order to make peace between each other and recover a healthy working relationship.


Originating from the appraisal of threat, looking too far into the future, described as an emotion that drives focus and good decision making.  The thing is, in the end worrying about anything it does not help solve that that was making you uneasy. Prepare your teams as best as you can for that idea that worries you and begin moving, do not create extra constraints that may hinder their ability to operate is something really becomes a problem.


Born from the uncertainty of something coming. Appraised as an indicator of being aware of what’s to come, is a divisive emotion that serves many decision makers and operatives to be overzealous with their decisions creating an atmosphere that cripples progress.


A feeling with its source of information that doesn’t make sense to you. There is no shame in being confused once in a while, the problem comes from the idea that we need 100% awareness all the time, the misinterpretation comes in the punishment for being confused being taken as unprofessional or a lack of skills for the task. Revise if there is any communication barrier with your employees and tackle them this will make them feel secure about your support and will clear any confusion that may exist.


With a feeling of inferiority at its core insecurity is either something that comes from an external trigger or past experiences. Insecurity feelings need to be taken into consideration for productivity. Encourage your teams and vendors to be open about their fears and concerns even if you feel there is something you are not convinced of.  Be emphatic and communicate in diverse ways that convey your message in a clear way.

If you don't control your mind, someone else will.

In the end, you should use you need to have a good grasp of your own emotions in order to react correctly to difficult circumstances, remember that your teams and clients require the same level of attention to have great success, taking on the today’s tech trends. Emotions tend to be a very difficult thing to understand in the workplace, they tend to be a very thin line between success and failure, manage them as a tool for success like you’ll do with every other thing.

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