10 Reasons Why Agile Methodology Will Secure Your Company

If you are in the tech industry, you have probably heard about agile methodology by now. Your company might have already implemented it for development processes or you keep hearing that one coworker preaching about the greatness of agile methodology. The beauty behind agile methods is in the flexibility it gives developers to finish any given task at a faster rate and with better results, keep values in check along the way. Allow me to explain how agile works:

A quick summary

Agile works by breaking a project into small sets of tasks (known in agile methods as sprints) with their own timetable, subtasks, and deadlines. Once each sprint is completed, you move on to the next and so on and so forth until you have completed all sets of tasks. The picture below is a general diagram of the linear appearance of agile methods.

Build a Project

1. Swiss Army Knife

Make no mistake as it is a set of values and principles. The flexibility that it brings to the table from a project management perspective is multidisciplinary. it fits better in areas of great uncertainty or lack of innovation.

2. Always Adaptative:

The focus of agile and adaptive methods is on adapting to the ever-changing realities of software. The very nature of project development today is in a state of constant unpredictable change. The agile method takes notice of this and allows for the creation of attainable goals with smaller objectives that are encompassed by the overall end goal.

3. One Size Fits All:

It can help you in a number of ways that can be applied to many different industries. Software development is the home turf on which agile was first implemented, but as time passed its adaptive nature has made it the perfect set of values and principles for any industry that requires fast results and feedback from key stakeholders.

4. Short Feedback Loop:

The stand-up meeting (known as a daily scrum in agile methods) requires the team to gather up on a daily basis, explain what they did the previous day for the completion of the set goal (known as the iteration) and what they will do that day to further move towards the goal of iteration completion. This creates a collaborative environment that helps each member of the team understand what’s being doing to complete the goal while providing an easy channel for feedback and assistance.

5. Quality Focus:

If you ever wanted quality for your processes, this is an organic way to attain it. The secret sauce lies in the tools and techniques that the method provides. Some of these agile tools are:

  • Continuous integration
  • Test-driven development
  • Design patterns
  • Behavior-driven development

These are some techniques that can be adapted for different industries and processes besides software development.

6. Abandon Setbacks:

Agile methodology is designed to skip obstacles and finish a task in the least amount of time possible. In this regard, it values motivation and sustained development. Having the right environment will establish the team confidence and allow the ease of product completion.

7. Measuring Agility:

Continued attention to technical excellence and good design will enhance agility in the long run. There are many tools and best practices to measure agile teams. The philosophy behind the methods of agile tells us that leaving self-organization to the teams will help build faster results with the overall increased quality once the common foundation of values and principles that the team is following is established.

8. The Fairy Tale:

The story of your client is yours to command. A feeling of unease exists amongst developers and big companies alike on the idea of implementing agile methods in workflows. They fear the growth of the company can be disrupted by new tendencies that seem far too unpredictable and risky. The initial idea of the agile teams in terms of behavior, consistency, and improvement goes far beyond the traditionally structured teams that are a part of most organizations.

9. For the Win:

Agile methods will give you the ability to adapt to any project size, assign grounded budgets and leverage talent to new heights. With agile comes flexibility. Imagine implement agile methods to projects that produce results that are quicker, cheaper, and better. The returns on investments and cash flow will be easy to look at.

10. Value Individuals:

The empowerment of your team will create an output of valuable content and initiatives that do not need the heavy burden of HR assistance. The value on individuals also trickles down to the targeting your customer, providing an important place for your clients’ needs and wants and always looking to the future for continual improvement and innovation.

The ability to change your company with agile methods is defined by your ability to implement the values and principles it conveys. Remember that following trends nowadays is not an easy task and that sometimes we need to adapt to different personalities, attitudes, and behaviors. Nonetheless, a great change for your company will come from the implementation of agile methods. It is a proven concept and ideology that will be the gold standard for value-focused development and innovation. Adapt to agile methods today and you will be able to utter a simple four letter phrase to all your colleagues: “I told you so.”

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