10 things you should know about our return to the office.


Prior entering the building you will be required to complete a sanitary filter. Additionally we will designate a specific entrance and exit to our buildings.


All meetings will be encouraged to be taken in your individual work stations. Meeting rooms will be reserved only for indispensable purposes.


Social distancing will be implemented by a mix of remote work, staggered shifts, limited occupancy and 6-ft apart min. arrangements in work stations.


Employees will be assigned a shift for on-site work based on their risk classification.


Basic prevention measures will be put into action by providing the proper materials, such as proper hand washing, sanitation stations.


The kitchen areas will have a limited occupancy. When exceeded, shifts for lunch breaks will be implemented.


Facemask will be mandatory at all time when on-premise of any of our locations.


Janitorial staff will be instructed that all desks, without exceptions, be cleaned and disinfected prior to the beginning operations.


To facilitate proper disinfection, we will request employees to free up their desk areas. Only essential work items will be allowed.


Well, provide virtual training for safety and preventive measure in the workplace. Employees will be expected to complete them and submit certification of completion.

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