4 things you need to know before you outsource software development.

By: Citlalli Campos.


You might be considering outsourcing some of your software development activities. Big companies like Google, Whatsapp, Slack, have learned to outsource key pieces of their processes. There are various reasons why such big companies end up looking for an outsourcing partner. Every single company has its own needs. A great outsourcing company should help you attain high-quality projects or products on time 

  • Be clear about what you need.
    You need to have clarity about what your needs are. Work on a detailed list of specifications of your project such as what kind of team are you looking for, if you’ll start the project from zero, what kind of services will you require like QA’s, UI/UX, code development, etc.
    It is really important to match your services with your outsourcing, 12% of the software development projects fail because of the lack of clear goals. Make sure to set things clear with your outsource and always keep constant communication with them.
  • Decide what type of outsourcing will work better for you.
    As we know there are different types of outsourcing, each one focuses on different areas, its main objective is still the same, which is to help you solve a problem or improve your business. The outsourcing types are local, nearshore, and offshore. Each of them has its own pros and cons, you must put everything on a scale and determine which one works best for you.
  • Work on a growth strategy
    According to research by IBM, 37% of companies outsource for growth, so it’s important to consider the future of your product even at the early stages. It is very important that you determine the lifetime of your project. Some of them will be once in a lifetime, and others will need to keep constant maintenance. This will help you create a relationship with your outsource vendor if you’ll need their services for a long period of time you can get better benefits.
  • Know your budget.
    An outsourcing development partner should be chosen based on the skills and expertise they can bring to your project to produce a top-tier software product. We know that is not always the case, and that most of the companies go for certain vendors because of the price. Cost is among the most crucial considerations when it comes to getting any service or product. Outsourcing may provide you a cheaper cost depending on what you want to accomplish. Determine your projects’ budget and you’ll save time Researching vendors.

After all this information, the best advice we can give you is to choose a service provider wisely. Whether you are a small business owner or a CTO, outsourcing is one of the easiest ways to save money and speed up your software development process.


Stop worrying about mentoring your remote team, lack of experience, losing control, or some other fears that might come to your mind. Being agile is part of our culture, we synchronize our time and goals with your company. Keeping constant communication with you, having sprint meetings to show you the progress of your project. 

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