6 Artificial Intelligence Myths & Realities

Let’s define artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence, commonly abbreviated as AI, is the theory and development of computer systems to be able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, database searching, and translations between languages.

AI is a 21st-century trend, but was a concept that was birthed in the mid 20th century with Alan Turing‘s ‘Machine That Thinks’ and Pamela McCorduck’s ‘Insight On Ancient Greek Mythology.’ Isaac Asimov’s ‘Three Laws of Robotics’ were created during this period of time as well. As humans, we have long dreamed about the idea of technological partners in the development of our species.

It was only a matter of time before our dreams and aspirations of AI were seen in media and entertainment. In fact, it was the trope of AI that perpetuated a series of myths about artificial reality.

Some of the most common myths about artificial reality are:

AI Myth

Robots Will Erase Us

Straight out of science fiction movies, evil robots taking on their own forms of consciousness and plotting to destroy mankind after becoming self-aware is a scary and fearful thought.

AI Realities

There Are No True Robots

The simple truth is that we haven’t developed a robot that can truly emulate human movement or thought yet. This doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been tried, but the current trend is actually to create AI that integrates seamlessly into our lives.

AI Is Brand New

The rate at which AI has been exponentially growing at has led many to believe that it is brand new. Pair that with IoT and we’ve almost come to believe that technology evolved from scratch.

Time Has Forged AI

The concept of AI was born in the 50’s. John McCarthy is given credit for coining the term. The subsequent decades of continuous technological advances and research have enforced AI into what it is today.

We, Will, Be Enslaved By AI

The big fear with AI is a rogue AI that takes control of everything digital and enslaving the human race with constant camera surveillance or killer robots.

AI Is Designed To Give Us Freedom

AI is developed with several things in mind. These are to automate repetitive tasks, simplify stressful tasks, and create new opportunities that can only be achieved with computers.

You’ll Need a Technical Background to Use AI

To become an AI user, one must possess a certain level of technical knowledge and skill. The technology and development behind AI technology is simply too advanced for ordinary household users.

Kids Could Use It

The objective of AI developers will be to create products and services for usage that can be adopted by as many users as possible. This will mean that a kids will be able to utilize AI software to complete tasks and functions.

Everyone Will Adopt AI

Everybody on Earth will be interacting with fully functional AI systems in the next 10 years every day. It will be ingrained in our society and will be found at gas stations, supermarkets, and schools.

Access Becomes An Issue

Groups of people and countries all possess many different variables that dictate the ease or difficulty of the adaptation of new trends. In terms of AI, it’s safe to say that many people will not have the ability to test or utilize it for many years.

We Will Be Replaced By Computers

If there is a bigger fear than being terminated by computers, it’s that we will be eventually replaced in all aspects of humanity by computers.

We Will Be Enhanced

AI will not replace by actually enhance by merging into our lives to augment our capabilities. Some speculate that AI is the next step in human evolution.

As AI becomes more and more popular, decade-old myths are either universally debunked or widely accepted. Industry experts and professionals are beginning to observe the effects of AI in many new areas. Don’t forget that AI was created to serve a better life for humans. The testing and experimentation is what drives progress into new developments. Walt Disney once said “the future is at hand and I want the future to be a part of me.” This quote reflects the aspirations of many people today and how AI is thought of. No matter how many Siris, Google Assistants, Alexas, or Cortana’s we create, together we are always moving in new directions. This could mean either HAL or Skynet, but it’s ultimately in our hands.

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