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6 Reasons to Outsource Software to Mexico

You must be wondering, why should I outsource to Mexico? Especially when everything is telling you to focus on Asia. Outsourcing to Asia is cheaper, faster, and works in overtime organically. But the practice has taught organizations to know better, solely relying on outsourcing to the far east is not enough to get a good outsourcing experience.

Nearshore Outsourcing is the key

When considering an outsourcing company you need to take into account the boost in productivity and efficiency. Operations in Asia are not bad, but the gap in time and communication delays can be a big constraint. Nearshore outsourcing companies take care of these risks, they locate themselves nearby you, and they adapt their business model to give you results.

Advantages to Outsource Software Development in Mexico

Mexico is turning into the best software nearshore option by adapting to the needs and best practices of the US tech industry.

The key advantages of doing outsourcing in Mexico are:

1. Free Trade:  Mexico works as a partner for the US in the form of NAFTA ( The North American Free Trade Agreement). NAFTA is not only for trade goods. The NAFTA has provisions related to technology diffusion and intellectual property that makes it safe to produce new software in Mexico and Canada. This gives you the ability to extend your patents and development to any of these neighbor countries with premium benefits.

2.Time Zones: Working alongside your teammates in real time is one of the best things about working with a staff located in Mexico. It stands out from the delayed responses and downtime that can become a problem with Asian partners.  The southern neighbor is aligned with your time zone naturally, and they know it. Mexican outsourcing companies tend to adjust to US time zones by setting offices in key locations. Some tech hubs you may know are Guadalajara, Mexico City, Monterrey, and Baja California.

3.Close Proximity:  Your friendly neighborhood Mexico is always there for you when you need it. Mexico and the US have always had a close relationship, sharing many things, among them a very dynamic economy. This works in your favor because Mexicans have a great understanding of your culture and many of your organizations’ regional needs.

4.Cost Savings: Mexico offers very competitive costs compared to other software development environments.  Mexico is trying to differentiate from competitors in creative and efficient ways. This country began emulating the development models of eastern countries and the US. At the same time, wages in Mexico are 15 to 27% lower than in the US. This makes it a cost-efficient option for your nearshore outsourcing goals and budget.

5.Skilled and Abundant Workforce:  Mexican population is young. The average age is between 26 and 32 years old, these young professionals are used to daily interaction with US-based teams. This has made Mexican developers eager to compete and grow alongside their US counterparts. If you want access to talented engineers, you need to know that Mexico ranks #8 among the countries that produce the most engineers annually. This makes Mexican developers a great option for the creation of a long term development team.

6.Global Manufacturing and Logistics Center: Mexico’s competitiveness and modernization have attracted many foreign companies to invest and create a tech business environment. This means that you get access to skilled staff and cost savings and a country that pushing towards the global spotlight.


Software engineering is a unique industry that drives growth. Mexico the taking advantage of its many geographic and demographic advantages to driving growth and prosperity.  In the end, you want access to those advantages, by doing so, your organization will gain access to staff that is driven by success.

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