7 Tech Trends For Growth

Here are 7 Tech Trends You Should Leverage For Growth

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Technology is evolving all around us. We can only imagine what the future holds, and you need to be ready for  change as it comes. The best way to prepare is to understand what is coming and be ready when change happens.

Let’s take a look at the 7 tech trends that you should leverage for growth:

1.- Artificial intelligence: No, Artificial Intelligence(AI) it’s not only about robots. Nowadays AI supports many different tools and platforms for business; from SIRI to Netflix, AI  is based on algorithms that can learn, programmed to predict what you, your customer, and your stakeholders want. By using  AI you can it can gain insight on your business verticals, giving you better ways to improve your marketing and sales effectiveness.

2.- The internet of things:  The internet of things(IoT) concept defines the growing connectivity between previously common devices to internet, from smart TV to interconnected cities. The power of IoT is data, huge amounts of it, how to acquire it, and effectively use it at your advantage with the sole goal of delivering value to your clients. 

3.-Data Science: A field in Big Data, which use and methods are based on a mix of mathematics, statistics, and information science, it exists to compress massive amounts of data through a variety of methods, analyze them, and help anyone related to them make a swift and precise analysis to improve the decision-making process in the macro level.

4.-Blockchain Technology: Mostly known for its cryptocurrency applications (yes, Bitcoin) Blockchain is a way to ensure data security, it enables transparency and collaboration through its complex systems. With the potential to become one of the key pillars of cybersecurity, forecasting, and supply chain management, which are some of the concerns of business nowadays.

5.-UI Overhauls: With the accelerated access to new display interfaces the time will come to adapt beyond today trends, assimilation of new best practices will be a must at a faster rate than ever before. The challenge and opportunity for you lie in being able to adapt to new technologies and displays in the less time possible.

6.- Data Visualization: It’s not all about graphics, and it kind of is, with Big Data and the internet of things as a driving force the need to compile and consolidate huge sets of data faster, the use of intuitive ways to interact with data has appeared, evolving hand in hand with the newest forms of technology.  To use this trend at your advantage you should find creative, compelling ways to show relevant data to your different stakeholders, whether they are clients, employees, or your board of directives give value to them by showing your KPIs in unique ways to make better decisions and valuable actions.

7.- Extended Reality: A mix of Virtual reality and Augmented Reality come together to help business interaction with clients in new immersive ways, for B2C the interaction is endless and well documented, everyone knows the efforts that are being put in action for advertising and entertainment; meanwhile, not many are talking about B2B, What happens when two organizations meet in a virtual environment to work together and seamlessly collaborate? The answer is still unknown since there is no full virtual collaboration in a virtual reality environment, the possibilities are endless.

Sooner or later these trends will solidify and turn into the driving force behind industry and economy, cascading into every part of society. The importance of understanding these trends lies in being prepared for their imminent arrival,  adapt to them, and accept their integration to any key aspects of your life and work.

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