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let me introduce myself, my name is Citlalli Campos.

I am 24 years old and recently graduated from a Marketing career here in Ensenada.  My team is made up of four members. Together we take care of developing the external and internal marketing of the company. 

The first vibe I got from Advancio was a warm energy that everyone shows you around.  In my onboarding session, Mariel from recruitment introduced me to everyone and got along with them.  As time passed I started to get involved in some intern projects such as the Cultural Committee that has helped me to develop my intern relationships with my coworkers.  It is great to have the chance of creating those activities that will help improve the harmony of everyone. 

I have always been an active and creative girl who likes to try and learn new things.  Here in Advancio, I had found a good balance for me. Comparing it with my previous job experiences, here in Advancio you will find the freedom to develop yourself. You are free to create your own style of work, it can be hard at first more if you are more used to following a lead. But it ended up being positive to me and had taught me to manage my time and effort. 

What I like more about working here is all the opportunities to grow and develop in my area.  As a marketer here in Advancio you will be able to learn more about how to work B2B marketing.  Nowadays it is more common that as a marketer you end up creating and working B2C strategies. Each area helps you to develop different types of skills and abilities but both of them are so interesting and can complement your skills as a marketer. 

As you can see here in Advancio you will have a lot of opportunities not only to develop yourself in a professional way. Also, you will find a job with a good workspace where you will find good friends and colleagues. 

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