MX Office

We got you covered!

For our Advancians in the MX Office, we have:


We offer you packages for major and minor medical insurance. The company will support you with the payment of a percentage of this service.

Life Insurance

We offer insurance with an approximate value of $ 200,000 pesos. Provided by the AXA company, at no cost to the employee.

Saving Options

We have the option to save from your salary, through payroll from which you will be given a return for the amount saved. You are free to decide the amount and the money is delivered once the savings term is over.

Anniversary Bonus

Once the anniversary is completed in the company, you will have the right to rest that day and receive a special bonus.

Birthday Bonus

On the day of your birthday, you will be able to rest day and we will give you a special bonus, in honor of your special day.