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The access to our partner policy information is internet based, utilizing a customized platform. Broker partners have full-time access to their customer’s policy and billing information, replacement declaration pages, I.D. cards, bills, and notices. This means they can efficiently answer questions, solve problems.

The partner distributes exclusively through a network of more than 900 Brokers across nearly 2,000 locations. The Company has long-standing relationships with these brokers, a bond that positions their organization for continued growth in the California auto insurance market.

In 2015 our partner was acquired by a new organization.

The new partner family of companies is one of the nation’s leading insurers. With $8 billion in assets, the organization is improving the world of insurance by offering personalized solutions for individuals, families, and businesses.

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The Challenge

  • Every 3 weeks, the QA team must certify multiple new features before they are delivered to the production environment in addition to ensuring that all legacy features continue to work. Additionally, there was no documentation available for the QA team.
  • Test the end to end functionality of the OIS portal which manages all the policies transactions for the brokers and clients, WPC which manage all the internal processes and the tables in the DB involved with transactions, after AU becomes PCI compliant.
  • No formal QA process was being used consistently across the company, most of their test was not traceable to business requirements, and their tests were not reproducible.
  • Our partner QA lead had his hands full with so many changes being developed.
  • Several maintenance items and production issues in the queue for fixing, due to the team being hand full with new features implementation. No compatibility testing of the application across platforms and browsers.
  • Test management tool implemented after years of established systems working on the production, and transition to a different one after the merge.

The Solution

Team extension

Advancio provided a team that has been working seamlessly with the QA and DEV teams from AU as one, in 2014 we had 1 QA assigned to AU, now the team has been expanded to 3 QAs and 1 lead.
Created a self-sufficient QA team for handling their internal QA needs, including the training of new resources during expansion.
Provide support to developers newly added to the team on how the systems work.

Improve the quality assurance/testing process within the SDLC

Introduced templates, reports & checklists, test plans. Prioritized QA coverage and implemented QA methodology / process offered functional, regression (manual), database (backend validation) and performance testing. Extended support for post-deployment testing. Proper way to report bugs and improvements helped to populate the new test management tools with requirements and test cases test management tool transition.

Create documentation for the future

To help overcome the lack of references for functionality developed in the past the team created documentation was needed. Workflows diagrams of the main transactions in OIS system, after the merge, this helped to have a point of reference for the new staff business analyst and team members. Manuals for new portals developed to process internal transactions.

Test automation when needed

Our expertise provided helped decide where automation and an end to end manual testing were needed still following the approach for validation.

The Approach

For all QA projects we make sure that the team members follow the set of principles and processes that come from standards such as the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) as a base, but also with flexibility to adapt to the project needs.

True Partnership

Advancio and our partner have worked together to strengthen the QA processes and delivered excellent quality in several projects.


Internally our QA resources are held responsible and measured based on the success of projects and client relationships. This creates a great sense of participation.

For Example:

As partner didn’t have any documentation, the QA team learned through hands-on use, after that, generated the missing documentation for the partner, and continuously increases a base of product knowledge to help Developers and QA team.

Communication and Reporting

Advancio maintains daily communication with the organization teams, generating report formats for each feature tested, video calls with developers to walkthrough issues, and assure that the problem is fully understood or clarified, daily status reports.

Input from Advancio QA team is valued by the partner team during deployment planning and strategy.

Strategic Planning and Analysis

Before starting work on any new task, big or small, our team plans the strategy and deliverables, often in coordination with the partner team, after the task is completed, the Advancio QA Lead analyses the results and extract the lessons learned which help to grow our knowledge base. The Lead communicates these results to the client and the rest of his team.

For Example:

When a new set of requirement arrives for QA with a goal of 1 week (2 weeks shorter than usual), The QA team first plans quickly, establishes the benchmarks such as no blocker, critical or major issues left open, create test cases with proper validations and an appropriate test plan. After the execution is complete, the team analyzes the results and inform the client in a test results document.

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