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Since 1991, the client innovative solutions have been maximizing customer engagement with powerful, data-driven marketing solutions for OEMs and dealerships. Uniting advanced technologies with a personalized approach, consistently delivering stellar results for its clients. Known in the industry as the trusted authority in customer engagement, our partner state-of-the-art, omni-channel products and services that made them the partner of choice for numerous OEMs ands thousands of automobile dealers nationwide.

In 2017 the client merged with other companies and it transformed completely. The new company kept the alliance with Advancio and all of the IT team that was working on the different projects.

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The Challenge

As a marketing solutions provider constantly creating innovative tools for different companies to help them improve how they reach current and new customers so they needed a QA team to help them achieve excellence in every possible way.

Main points:

  • Before Advancio there was no QA team. Everything was developed and tested by the same development team without following any Quality Assurance protocols and procedures.
  • There was not a real testing and bug reporting/fixing procedure. Now Advancio QA team is in charge of delivering testing results and provides a follow-up to all the findings until they are fixed and verified to be sent to the next stage.
  • The data stored in the database had inconsistencies in the data that is used to deliver information to the organization customers about their services and current status.
  • Every week there are new developments for different applications and the QA team must test and verify the functionality before they are sent to the production environment. Added to this, all of the already-existing functionality must be tested to verify it was not affected by the new features.
  • The QA team has provided numerous assistance analyzing requirements, designing and executing tests for different User Interfaces and to even test data and store procedures in multiple databases and servers. The integrity of the data has been in the hands of the QA team several times.

The Solution

A series of solutions were implemented so the quality and integrity is always guaranteed during every release and delivery.

Dedicated Team: Advancio provided a dedicated QA team to work specifically with the marketing client teams and all their needs. The team started with only one QA Engineer until it grew up to  1 QA lead, 2 QA Engineers and 1 .NET Developer, a perfectly balanced team for all needs: test applications, verify database tables and validate bug fixes.

  • Daily Status: To keep things running smoothly communication is top priority, with strict meetings every morning, calls followed up by emails for every new task and end-of-the-day status reports.
  • Resource Ramp-up: Thanks to the perfect synergy between the client, the QA team, and the schedules every time there was a major release or the need to allocate more resources into one application we are able to do it without complications.
  • Data integrity support: the client manages thousands of customers and delivers information every day. Keeping the integrity and a correct business-customers-information relationship is a MUST and the QA team is always there to make sure the data to be delivered has been tested and validated.
  • Improve the quality assurance/testing process: To help with the correct delivery of the applications needed by the organization, the Advancio QA team introduced templates, test plans and test reports. When multiple tasks were requested a Priority Plan was executed and it was based on the severity of the issues, the number of resources needed for each task and the release deadline.

Functional, regression and database testing are offered to the client to ensure the quality of the products. Every time an application is fixed it is tested again when it involves massive data manipulation (like using database store procedures) the process is tested over and over again with multiple scenarios before it is released to production.

  • Create documentation for the future: Thanks to all the status reports, test plans and bugs reported, we are able to create documentation that serves for future releases and future team members. This way, the marketing company is able to always be up to date with its applications.

The Approach

To achieve the results expected by the client a set of principles are strictly followed.

True Partnership: The base of everything is teamwork. The marketing company and the Advancio QA team have worked together since the very beginning to ensure the products delivered are top quality. Two years achieving great things as a team. More than 6 big applications have been tested and verified by the QA team. One of the biggest applications required 3 different teams to work together: The client from USA, Advancio QA from Mexico and Chameleon from Australia, an outsourcing development team hired by the marketing organization.

Ownership: With every new release comes a great responsibility and the Advancio QA team is measured based on the success of every task delivered. Thanks to the universal understanding of all the applications by all the members and the trust in each other this team is able to deliver multiple tasks at the same time.

Effective Communication: Advancio QA team uses every channel of communication possible to always stay in touch with the PEAK team: email, daily calls, instant messaging, group chat, report formats for testing results and daily status reports at the end of each day. This way our partner is always aware of the status of the tasks done by the team.

Strategic Planning and Analysis: Before starting any task both teams always have a meeting to analyze the situation, create a strategy and set up the action plan. All the analysis and planning is done carefully, especially because the applications used by the partner manages several thousand data records that are used every day to deliver information to their customers.

The Outcome

Quality products delivered on time.

  • Prevented the partner customers from receiving incorrect information due to wrong data stored in the database.
  • Helped the partner team to deliver accurate information and reports.
  • Reduced the number of iterations needed to release an application.
  • Established knowledge for future releases.
  •  QA work plans save a lot of time since the tests are driven in a particular direction and with previous analysis and planning.
  • Increased the number of features that can be tested at the same time.
  • Cost savings for Partner in training a QA team.
  • No need for partner to use its internal resources to QA their applications.
  • The partner has the chance to grow in other areas as the QA team takes care of the quality of the applications.
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