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Validating Customer Information

The objective is to send customer vehicle-related data to a third-party process (Experian). This process will validate the initial sent data and send back updated customer data that would contain changes in customer address, phone, etc. After that, the return data will be used for further processing before loading into a data warehouse.

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The Challenge

  • Generating initial data in a pipe delimited file.
  • Encrypting the delimited file ahead of sending it to the third-party process.
  • Sending the delimited file via an FTP process.

The Solution

  • Create an ETL process to generate a pipe delimited file based on a predefined set of business rules.
  • Create a Java class that would handle the encryption of the initial file and decryption of the returned file (PGP, GPG, passphrase).
  • Create a loop process to check if the returned file is ready for pick up from Experian (Third party) before further processing and loading.

Features Added

  • Error handling with log registration.
  • Notification alert for successful or failed run.
  • Automating the ETL to run periodically.
  • Encryption and decryption mechanism to safeguard the data.
  • FTP process implementation.
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