Client Portals Are A Great Way To Enhance Cybersecurity

by Cesar Contreras

Client Portals can be defined as software that allows you to interact with your clients, share files, plan, and manage tasks in a private environment. You can view it as the entry point for client company relations. Client portals can be found in many industries.

Why are Clients Portals Popular?

Since 2014, there has been an increase in cyber attacks and data breaches. This is due to the rising popularity of digital platforms and the exponential increase of volume and importance of information and data being shared. The need to create secure environments to share sensitive data has become ever so important. Client portals are the perfect environment to do so.

Protect your users’ information

The worldwide most common form of cyber attack is identity theft. The attacks are to get to the users personal and credit card information. By enabling a secure client portal you can give your clients a little peace of mind and yourself a way to have incident response protocols in place.

In 2017 the business sector was the most affected by data breaches accounting for 93.1 of all the breaches. As for 2018, big tech companies suffered big attacks, Google and Facebook were the most heard about.

The attractive features

A secure portal can be customized to your specific needs and business initiatives depending on what your client demands or requires. From a client portal, you get a secure website that allows you and your users to do the following:

  • Secure File Sharing
  • Secure Collaboration
  • Secure Management
  • Group Chat
  • Discussions

These are some of the most attractive yet basic features that you’ll find in client portals. The beauty of the client portals is the flexibility that it offers to developers to customize to the needs of your company or clients.


In today’s day and age, cybersecurity must be one of your company’s top priorities. Your users’ personal information is constantly at risk to various cyber threats from different entities all across the world. Think of client portals as a tool to increase your users’ trust in you and your business. By using a client portal, you are increasing your ability to guide your clients and users down the sales funnel. They will feel secure and you get a great way to maintain your data and their data under the same roof.




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