Surviving Self-Quarantine

Coronavirus Outbreak: 7 indoor activities to avoid going crazy during self-quarantine

The coronavirus outbreak has literally changed the way we live. We are surrounded by uncertainty, stress, and anxiety. Recommendations to maintain social distancing, shelter in place or “safer at home” has us in quarantine spending more time at home than ever before.

For some of us, our home has become our office, our restaurant, our gym, and our spa. So how do you safeguard your mental health in these extremely stressful times while staying indoors? 

Here are some INDOOR ACTIVITIES to find the balance your mind needs to stay healthy and sane during this self-quarantine:


1. Read a book.

This is the perfect time to read or listen to those books you have on your waiting list. It doesn’t matter what kind of book it is, but reading a book will help you distract yourself for a while. If it’s a fiction book it will take you to another place or if it is a book related to your professional area or about personal improvement, it will help you expand your mind and generate new knowledge that you can apply later.

Resources to keep you entertained during the coronavirus quarantine period:

2. Take online courses

Studies show that some of us relax when learning.  So, why not stay productive, learn a new skill and take an online course? Many vendors are taking advantage of all of us being in quarantine and are offering incredible deals. This is your chance to take a walk on the wild side and learn something totally different that you have always wanted to but never had the chance to learn.

Here are some website recommendations that you can check on:

3. Listen to some podcast

Nowadays there is a podcast for everything, just think about any topic, and you will find it. You can also listen to them while you are working and it will help you liven up and keep your mind active during quarantine. 

Some podcast suggestions are:

  • TED Radio Hour.
  • Stuff you should know
  • Best Friends
  • Entrepreneurs on Fire

4. Watch good series or movies.

Gather whatever snacks you have left, get into comfy clothes, and make it a movie night! Many streaming companies are offering early released content or free content. 

According to USA Today, the best shows and movies to stream are:

  • Nailed It!
  • Parasite
  • What We Do in the Shadows
  • Never Have I Ever

5. Play games with your family.

For those of you who are at home with your family or roommates, this is the perfect time to create some good memories. Get competitive, pick up your favorite board game, set up teams and put some skin in the game, barter some massage time or chores. If you don’t have any physical board games you can enjoy a fun video game or find some great digital games. 

Some great suggestions are:

  • Draw Something
  • Uno
  • Monopoly 
  • Heads Up!

6. Keep yourself active, with some exercise

We spend so much time sitting or lying down, it is very important to stay active and release some stress. Slip into your workout clothes, fill your water bottle and find the perfect spot at home. Choose your intensity, stretching, yoga, cardio, zumba…choices are endless. There are free exercise apps out there and plenty of free digital content offering a lot of selection. 

Some good recommendations are:

7. Meditation

Practice some meditation can help us to eliminate all the stress, negative thoughts, anxiety, and some other factors that avoid us from feeling happy. During this quarantine find a space in your day and give to yourself a meditation time.

If you want some guidance into meditation here are some suggestions:

Remember that these are stress-filled times and our mental health should not be neglected. We challenge you to try at least one of the items on the list this week and share a picture of you doing it on our Facebook. Your mind will thank you!


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