Prevention Measures Update: 5/30/2020
Re: Planning a New Way Forward (Covid-19)
To: Advancio Family

This message is for all staff, clients, vendors, and shareholders. 


Hello team!

Hoping you are well and safe, please receive a warm hello from our behalf.

The Covid-19 Pandemic continues to test our ingenuity, adaptation skills, and tenacity. But, we are not a team to back down from a good challenge so we have been putting our thinking caps on and have been working hard to create a new sense of normalcy in this storm of uncertainty.

The last three months have tested everyone in our society and the next six months will not disappoint. We are being cautiously optimistic and proactively planning for the unexpected.  Creating the worst-case and best-case scenarios, stockpiling assets, and getting ready to not only survive but thrive in this environment…we are preparing for a marathon, not a sprint and we want to give ourselves the best chance at winning the race!

Since the Covid-19 situation began, we have been leading the way by being proactive, decisive, and quick to act.

  • In early March, we enacted Safety Protocols;
  • In mid-March, we enacted remote work;
  • In April we created our Covid-19 Business Continuity Plan;
  • In May we implemented our Covid-19 Employee Wellness Program.

We are happy to announce that those proactive measures early on really paid off. As of today 05/30/2020, we have 0 reported cases among our staff, 0 interruptions of service, and no employee turnover. 

But we must continue to lead the way and it is because of this that effective 06/01/2020 we will begin implementing our “Return-To-Office Readiness Plan.”

Our Business Continuity Plan has taken a “People First” approach. Staff safety, client satisfaction, and holistic wellness has always been our priority and will continue to be our priority. It is because of this that the “Return-to-Office Plan” will take a tiered approach. Opening offices in geographic locations that have lower contamination numbers, established testing availability, and protective gear and supplies readily available.

The plan will also have an array of safety measures such as social distancing requirements, office capacity protocols, and shift management. We expect the plan to take 4 to 6 weeks to implement, during this time we will remain hyper-aware of statistics, changing conditions, and make necessary changes accordingly.

So far the only office that meets the minimum requirements is the USA location, therefore effective 06/01/2020 the USA office will restore activities on a limited work schedule embracing the new protocols and procedures. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and be ready to adapt quickly should the need arise. The two other locations, Mexico and Morocco, should meet the minimum requirements in the next couple weeks. Mexico and Morocco will be scheduled to return on a tiered and limited basis as of 06/15/2020. All offices will be adhering to the guidelines set forth in our Return-To-Office Readiness Plan.

We want to thank all of our employees, clients, vendors, and shareholders for their continued support and invite everyone to sign up for our blog and become followers on our social media to receive regular updates.

Stay Safe & Healthy,

The Advancio Team


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