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Ensenada is a Great Place to Develop Software

By January 30, 2020 One Comment

Ensenada is a Great Place to Develop Software

By Rosibel Gutierrez

The city of Ensenada, Mexico is a place with the potential to become a mirror to Silicon Valley and is gradually becoming the place where the technological talent graduates from recognized universities and in which large companies settle. The technology sector is beginning to establish itself in this area since the geography and people in the area can bring this city to become in “ The New Silicon Valley ”.

Silicon Valley is located in Northern California, United States, where talented people and large companies such as Google, Yahoo !, Facebook, Twitter, and Oracle Corporation are established.

What makes Ensenada interesting as a Software development Location

“The beautiful Cinderella” is the second most important port in Mexico and has a significant place in the tourism sector, we cannot omit the attractions that this region has:

Rural areas, hot springs, whale watching, Valley of the Cirios, Hanson Lagoon, The Wine Route, San Pedro Mártir mountain range, historical museum, cultural center, carnival, vintage festival and our emblematic international races of the Baja 1000 are only some of the places and things you can visit and enjoy in the area.

Currently, companies established in this area seek to give tech talent the opportunity to remain with their families without the need to go abroad to follow their dreams and, above all, to have everything necessary for their professional development.

If you want to make a career in information technology, according to your profile, Ensenada is the perfect place to do it, considering that you can put in practice your profession as a developer for the pioneer companies that are located in this region.

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