Ensenada Small City

Ensenada a small city with perks of a big one

By Mariel Saenz

Small city problems used to be an inside joke between fellow colleagues that came to the big city for their big break. But now we want to take part in this joke. We seek the “big city” job opportunities and the perks at the time surpass the little annoyances that come in hand. But over time, sure enough, we realize it comes with a price, certain irritations that in the long run you don’t want to pay.

In today’s search for the best of both worlds, Ensenada, BC hits the right spot. For those who haven’t heard about this city, we’re right around the corner with San Diego, CA. A relatively small and cozy city (500,000 inhabitants) that is enjoyed by surfers, food and wine lovers and off-road racers, to name a few.

The definition of the rush hour seems to be different here. Getting stuck in traffic (Score is in town!)  might mean 10 more minutes to your normal commute but by no means will compare to a big city 2-hour daily commute. Though you might not need me to upsell this, another great thing about less traffic? Cleaner air! 

Walking, instead of driving, to your favorite spots. Inconceivable right? The distance alone would make the journey a pain and let’s not even try to imagine doing this after the sun goes down. Ensenada can change your mind about it. The distances are shorter and crime rates are considerably lower.

In the end, what seems to have a bigger impact on anyone living in a small city is the sense of belonging. The community is tighter, the bartender at your local craft brewery already knows your favorite beer and your neighbors actually stop by to say hello to you and your family. 

So go ahead, give Enseada a try. You’ll find those small city problems are the best kind.



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