Nearshore Software Development In Baja California

Nearshore Software Development in Baja California

by Cesar Contreras

Software Development is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Baja California. Your mind probably thinks about beaches, vineyards, industrial complex, and manufacturing. In the last 10 years, Baja has worked its way to become the premier option for nearshore software development for the world.

The Outsourcing Phase

The trend of doing Nearshore in Baja as a business began like all software development in Mexico. An outsourcer came into the state and began establishing BPO Centers, more specifically call centers. These trend made people take an interest in activities related to outsourcing.

Companies like Softtek and Advancio gave the first steps to change outsourcing in the region. They adopted the term Nearshore Outsourcing for the first time. This made it interesting for developers, now they could work with companies in the same time zone.

Now they were working on specific projects. They were free to add to these projects, making a real impact with their ideas and energy. The people at the top saw the talent and gave them the chance to test themselves.

This was the origin of nearshore outsourcing. It was a mix of old development practices with agile methods with a focus on the client and their needs.

Why Baja?

Back in 2002, the Mexican government and universities began working on training skilled developers to tackle the upcoming demand. Baja decided to open its doors to everyone with an interest in software development.

Tijuana, Mexicali, and Ensenada served as focal points for tech and industry. Each city took a different approach to development. Ensenada, for example, focused on health and commerce.

Baja California software development is a mix of outsourcing and cutting edge trends. Many developers travel to California expos and tech events to get a first-hand experience of the newest trends.

Some of the key factors that make Baja an interesting place to do software development are:

  •         Weather conditions
  •         Real estate development
  •         Talent

Talent Everywhere

The state universities made it possible for people of all backgrounds to become software engineers. Young Millennials flocked to the different universities in the region to get training. Students found themselves competing on a global scale in part due to global platforms and support.

Some of the key universities in the state are:

Working Conditions

With San Diego just a stone’s throw away, development teams are already quickly acclimated to the best practices and customs for North American software development. Following organizations, master plans become easier to follow and understand.

The key working conditions that make Baja Development attractive are:

  •         High cultural compatibility
  •         Time zone alignment
  •         Language alignment
  •         Cultural alignment


The hunt for talent is a global challenge for companies all around the world. If you’ve ever wondered where to find people that can understand you and your company, give Baja California a try. The closeness with the continental United States and California have allowed Baja developers to seamlessly adapt to cloud computing and distributed teams as their second nature. They can pick up remote work quickly and efficiently with US working guidelines.


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