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Software Development in Mexico – The Tech Industry – Part 4

The US, Brazil, Canada, and Mexico sit at the top of the software development industry in the American Continent. The road to greatness was very different from country to country and their focus was also quite varied. In regards to Mexico, their way was paved by outsourcing and custom software development. The dramatic change came from data analytics.

The source of Mexican Data

Mexico has one of the biggest open source databases in the world thanks to the Mexican Institute of Statistics and Geography  (INEGI). INEGI concentrates many types of demographic, economic, and social information that helps Mexicans focus on key factors that drive growth to the different economic regions of the country.

The Main Niches According to Mexico Data

INEGI’s information in combination with ProMexico’s brought to light the ranking in market share for Mexican development categories. The key categories and rankings based on market value are as follows:

  1. Network and Database Management
  2. Business and Home Productivity
  3. Apps for Industry
  4. Operative Systems
  5. Other Applications

Key Mexican Factors

Mexico is getting more competitive every year. There are many factors that contribute to this continued growth in different industries. The key factors that make Mexico an interesting place to invest in technology are:

  • Top 4 Outsourcing Destination
  • Young Talent Pool
  • Best Costs in America
  • Tech Hubs

Common Mexican Economic Regions

The average Mexican developer has a variety of regions to choose from to specialize in a particular area of expertise. These areas are divided according to INEGI demographic and geographic trends and data and are one of the most common ways to segment the Mexican Market:

  • Northeast: With Monterrey as its shining star, the northeast is the perfect place to invest in industrial technology with a cosmopolitan lifestyle that includes the border with Texas, this region has become the driving force behind new applied technology.
  • Northwest: The southern border of California. The northwest thrives within a super competitive environment that works as a hybrid economy between California and Baja California. The main economic force in this region is the city of Tijuana and his industrial complex.
  • West: Guadalajara city is the main attraction in this region. Here you can find companies like Oracle and Microsoft focusing on app developing and R&D.
  • Center: The center region of Mexico is dominated by the high-speed economy of Mexico City and its economic hubs. The tech industry manifest in this area in serving as the Headquarters for enterprise companies like Microsoft, IBM, and SAP to name a few.
  • South: One of the prime tourist destinations of the world the southern region of Mexico develops technology to better serve the customer. The options for a tech provider in this region are scarce and the development made is mainly towards the hotel and customer service purposes.


To conclude this 4th part of Software Development in Mexico, we can draw from our observations and data that the industry is segmented to reflect the needs of each region. The ability of Mexicans to thrive in different business environment and niches is what has given developers a competitive edge to succeed in the global economy.

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