80s Mathematics

Software Development is Like Math in the 80’s

Back in the ’80s, a new breed of mathematician was born, one that didn’t back down from the use of computers to increase his efficiency.  The trends that math had in the 19th century brought a lot to our modern world and helped set up many systems used in our everyday life.

The Renaissance of Software

Software Engineering or Development is booming like never before since the inception of the internet and the all-out access for computers. This is a lot like mathematics in the early 1900 hundreds, creating a series of ripples that brought many different changes to day to day life.

Why The Comparison?

Old School Computer

In the immortal words of Michael Chricton, There is a generation of mathematicians interested in “how the real world works”. These scholars broke the cloistered traditions of mathematicians in several important ways.  In his book Jurassic Park, Michael explains how math used to frown upon the use of computers. Also, how the focus towards non-linear equations became a trend (see Chaos Theory) in order to see their work reflected in the real world. Finally, the change in attitude from the shy introvert person to a proud pro that walked and talked like a rock star.

This may seem like an odd coincidence, but the description fits right on the spot for the modern software developer. Where the focus towards the use of technology related to the real world is more important with every new breakthrough accomplished. Some key examples of technology merging with social technology:

  • All of the IoT
  • Cloud Computing
  • Micro Processors
  • AI

The evolution of development is only beginning

We are in the advent of the IoT, which means the integration of software in our everyday. Life is only going to become more complex in regard to our relationship with technology. Mainly, because almost everyone is interested in a self-driving car, an intelligent house, a digital assistant, and many other things we still need to discover on the way.

Maths revolution

80's World

The 20th Century was a great year when you take a deep look into what math did for us, we understand that their successor is software development, we begin to see a bigger picture.


In the end, software engineering will continue to evolve into the next big science branch that moves humanity into the future. Maybe we can evolve from web development and software programs to an organic hybrid that finally takes us to the final frontier for human ingenuity.

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