What is
Spark Rater?

Spark Rater is an IT integrated solution for those who want to make their policy sales process agile, quick and more effective.

Meant to benefit carriers, small insurance agencies or whoever is interested in a fully customizable insurance point of sale.

Included with Spark Rater you get Robotics Process Automation (RPA) to make your underwriting fast and development, support & maintenance through our staffing services.

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Spark Rater Add-Ons


AI system integrated to virtually assist your customer with scalable, optimized, customized, quicker processes and human-like interactions.

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Component library that contains prebuilt modules to optimize and adapt the interface of your system when quoting and purchasing policies.

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The command center operates through dashboards that help you organize simple to complex data according to your business needs.

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Prebuilt payment processing services to meet the insurance industry compliance and new tech demands of your digital consumers.

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