Team Insight - Software Developers

Team Insight: Software Developers

Have you ever wondered what makes a good software developer? We did, so we consulted our peers here at Advancio to better understand their point of view on this particular topic.

We asked our team and they provided their insight:

“A good developer has to have dominion over his skills and knowledge over his technical limitations. Also, a good developer needs to have strong social skills and be a team player.”

Beatriz Filatoff

“A great developer needs to be a problem solver, comprehend all the implications over a task, and strong attention to detail.”

Mariana Cazares

“The most important thing developers need to have is passion. Passion for tech, everything else can be learned or gained through tough work. Most good developers have shown an inner sense of youth, like an avid video gamer, another thing I have noticed they have is the love for problem-solving, they create, build, make things. They tend to be optimistic, those are the soft skills. The hard skills are based on technical knowledge, but the general objective is to be “full stack developers,” which means they can do front end, back end, and create architecture based on today’s best practices.”

Josie Lopez

“I’ll answer like a project leader. If I had the need for a developer I considered these traits as critical:

  1. Great research skills
  2. Open-minded: They need to know how to adapt and adapt ideas towards project completion.
  3. To have great coding skills: A great developer needs to be a master at documentation, what I mean is, they need to leave comments of their coding logic written in the code.

As a plus, a great developer needs to follow best practices for coding, this means he needs to be clean and organized while coding, while maintaining a cohesive set of the variables and modules.”

Carlos Lopez Briz

I believe a great software developer is the one that can withdraw all the ideas he needs to complete the software project he is working on; also, a good developer needs to know the software lifecycle of the project he is developing and the interactions he has to have with the rest of his team.

Jorge Magaña

I would say their skills and the ability to grow and want to learn more? Because I know that the industry keeps growing and the client’s needs are always changing.

Erica Moreno

At Advancio, we believe in teamwork and growth, we want to see our developers thrive and learn more about their areas of expertise. To do so, we encourage and nurture collaboration and communication. We hope you enjoyed our team’s insight into what makes a great software developer.

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