Advancio Link Roundup

Tech Industry Link Roundup: May 22nd

By Cesar Contreras

Here is where we gather some of the best articles of the month covering a range of topics related to Custom Software Development, Cloud Computing, The Tech World, Outsourcing, and Software Quality Assurance.

Custom Software Development

Digital Transformation Fueling Unquenchable Demand for Software Development

Speed is one of the most used buzzwords in business and software development; however, the fast evolution of software development demands makes it a necessity. This article will lead you to a deep analysis of web and mobile app development trends. The focus of the article is based on the 2019/2020 State of Application Development Report.

Cloud Computing

3 Steps IT Managers Should Take To Eliminate Cloud Visibility Gaps

This article shares 3 steps that an IT Leader should consider eliminating cloud visibility gaps. The transition from legacy systems to cloud-based architectures is loaded with hidden challenges. The advantages that a cloud-based system grants are many vast, Including lower costs, increased efficiency, and scalability on demand are some of them. This article will guide you through some of the methods to keep the cloud benefits and minimize the loss of visibility they create to the IT Teams.

Tech World

Huawei has been cut off from American technology

There is a lot of buzz around the government decision to cut off Huawei. This article serves as a gateway to the Huawei case on trade and the different tech changes done from some of the most powerful tech companies that served as providers to the Chinese company.


Outsourcing Can Make Your Customer Experience Better. Here’s How.

This article presents four ways an outsource can be of use in the quest to enhance the customer experience. The main focus of this article relies on how outsourcing can be of real help when it stays away from the common stigma practices of outsourcing. Outsourcing is a vast and global this article highlights those strengths and gives valuable advice based on them.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance from within

This article is based on the World Quality Report by Capgemini, Sogeti and Micro Focus that surveyed more than 1 700 executives across 10 different countries. It speaks about how the role of the Quality Assurance Professional is evolving and adapting to the current business environment.

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