Tech Industry Link Roundup: June 29th

By Cesar Contreras

Here is where we gather some of the best articles of the month covering a range of topics related to Custom Software Development, Cloud Computing, The Tech World, Outsourcing, and Software Quality Assurance.

Custom Software Development

Running Your Own Company: 5 Reasons To Find Software Developer Partner in 2019

We understand that finding the right software development vendor is no easy task, and we are not the only ones. This article will lead you to a deep analysis of why should you find a software development partner in 2019. The value of this post is all about the experience and insight to contract the right Outsourcing company.

Cloud Computing

How cloud is transforming manufacturing and financial services in 2019

The state of constant change of the tech industry is reshaping cloud computing and its doing it fast. This article will help you find resources to keep learning what are the next steps for cloud computing and the tech industry in general.

Tech World

Firefox is reinventing its Android app to undo Chrome’s monopoly

Google is under siege, Firefox is making its move. This article will give you insight on Firefox next move on the search engine battleground that will be fought on the mobile realm and data collection. Click on the link and read what firefox is planning.


Beware the bait-and-switch: 4 ways to avoid getting hooked by your offshore vendor

If you have acquired an outsourcing service or you are thinking about it you should take your time and read this article. In this post the author tries to guide you through your quest by sharing his experience of working, interacting, and searching for an offshore vendor.

Quality Assurance

11 things to remember when testing your product before launch day

Most people don’t enjoy being told what to do, but sometimes it’s good to listen to what you already know, just to remember what’s important. This article wants to remind you 11 things you should be doing when testing your product before launch day.

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