Advancio Link Roundup

Tech Industry Link Roundup: May 3rd

By Cesar Contreras

Here is where we gather some of the best articles of the month covering a range of topics related to Custom Software Development, Cloud Computing, The Tech World, Outsourcing, and Software Quality Assurance.

Custom Software Development

How to launch a successful developer career.

There are plenty of different articles, ebooks, and video blogs that explain the perfect way to triumph as a developer. This article will lead you to a deep analysis that includes the best languages, technologies, and trends that can help rearrange the course of your career.

Cloud Computing

Avoid these 2 cloud computing career pitfalls.

This article shares two things that you should avoid in your pursuit of a cloud computing career. Take the advice as a grain of salt, but listen to it nonetheless.

Tech World

Microsoft makes a push to simplify machine learning.

In its quest to democratize AI for the world, Microsoft has created a set of tools that will allow developers to nurture a rapid evolution. Even though Microsoft’s ambition is nothing new, the change the approach is a lot more friendly and open to the public.


11 signs a company should outsource IT.

This article presents three tech trends in an ever-changing business environment. The constant evolution of the tech industry now extends to an area with constant change. The author explains what we can expect to see and how it will affect companies working in this field.

Quality Assurance

Automating tests change is the norm.

The author explains how the rapid evolution of the software development cycle has pushed Software Quality Assurance engineers to find ways to test in smarter ways. The article focuses on how these practices have become so inherent to the Quality Assurance role and how it affects the performance of the professionals in charge of it.

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