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The Anatomy of the Mexican Developer – Soft Skills – Part 1

Do you know what drives your development teams? In a world where information is key, the information in this area is lacking. For your Mexican development teams, the lack of information is double, with little information on their skills, characteristics, styles, and needs.


The basic skill set of every person can be divided between quantitative skills and qualitative skills.  Now, with the inclusion of tech and the evolution of education these two terms were revamped into hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are considered technical skills and soft skills are in line with feelings and relationships with people.

Soft Skills

The anatomy of a software developer is complicated and it’s shaped by the culture surrounding them. Developers used to be identified by some key characteristics: they used to be introverted, distant, and tech-driven. This is still true in some cases, but developers have since changed. Some of the key soft skills you can find in a developer are:

Problem Solving: Software engineers have the ability to identify issues, resolve defects, and improve processes in critical ways. Mexican developers understand this and apply it by focusing on the tasks at hand and are used to go the extra mile when needed.

Communication: Mexican developers adapt to languages, traditions, and business practices quickly and efficiently. Even though Spanish is the first language for the majority of Mexicans, they have mastered English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and German. This allows engineers to be part of distributed teams and solve remote problems when needed, working hand in hand with some of the best developers around the world.

Creative Thinking: Mexico is a country in development, meaning a lack of resources and issues in places where you may not imagine. Mexican developers are used to working in harsh conditions and adapt to them.

Teamwork: If you’ve met a Mexican, you surely have experienced this trait. Mexicans are warm people that are always willing to lend you a hand.

Flexibility: Even though passion and stubbornness is part of the Mexican culture, developers have found a balance among all the chaos. Life/Work balance is an essential part of the Mexican community. Family, friends, and work are the driving engine that helps Mexicans thrive in complicated situations.


To set the basis on which Mexican developers operate first, we need to understand what are their skills and what lies behind their motivations. The passion of Mexican developers has made them a valuable asset to any team. The soft skills needed to complete any software development project are only the tip of the iceberg. In this series of articles, you’ll learn what lies under the surface of a Mexican software developer.

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