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The Key for Great Web Design is Great UX

by Ellen Garcia

The constant evolution of technology demands the inclusion of the end user into the mix. With this, the concept of user experience became popular for everyone to explore; however, is not an easy thing to understand the psychology behind the user on time scrolling down a site or researching an app.

Graphic Design Best Practices

“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.”- Neville Brody.

The ability to always adapt and move forward with the many trends and roadblocks of today’s web design is what sets apart great UX from weak UX. Web designers and developers understand this and work to create a scalable design that is able to enhance a project and adapt to future changes.

The key best practices borrowed from graphic design for great UX are:

  • Use color with caution
  • Mind the white space
  • Cohesive over clutter visuals
  • Know your audience

Design Roles

With today’s product design requirements, you need to assess what kind of designers and what skills you need to finish your product.  We often find the concept of UX/UI as one topic that goes hand in hand to finish a product. The truth is to master both concepts is a pretty difficult task and not every designer should be asked to tackle a full UI/UX Design role. Some of the key design roles you need for web design are:

  • UX Designer
  • UI Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Designer

It may look counterintuitive to split one role into four. If you need one of the four different roles, you can always go for a graphic designer that has an interest in transitioning to web design.  This is because the affinity can be there if the level of technical knowledge and passion is already there.

Design Skills

Great UX design is defined by a specific set of skills that overlap with the graphic design background that many web designers have. This means that visuals and multimedia creation are a given and after this designers add to their skills the ability to interact with code and web best practices. Some of the key design skills needed for web design are:

  • Storytelling and Presentation Skills
  • Visualization Skills
  • Analytic and Research Skills
  • Wireframing and Prototyping
  • Coding Skills
  • User Research


There are many skills, roles, and best practices that a web designer needs to master in order to shine and stay competitive. This is because the designers’ job is evolving to include the many digital assets that product development requires. This is why UX designers are the next step in graphic design: to include user interviews, HTML, CSS, visual design and creating in such a way that the project stays cohesive.


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