Business owners these days must be familiar with the term outsourcing. Organizations are either considering implementing it or they are already part of the thousands of companies that outsource. As we know, these outsourcing models could be an advantage to position yourself in this increasingly globalized world. Outsourcing services bring many benefits, such as letting the companies focus on their main activity and let others help them with their secondary activities. 

As we know there are different types of outsourcing each one focuses on different areas, its main objective is still the same, which is to help you to solve a problem or improve your business. Let’s talk about two different outsourcing methods that may confuse you because of the similarities between them. 


The main difference between Nearshore and Offshore.

Nearshore and Offshore outsourcing have their own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the needs that your company has and what you are expecting to get from your outsourcers. You need to consider some different aspects in order to make the right choice. That’s why we want to show you the main difference between them and make a little easier the prospection process for you. 

There are three key points that will help you to distinguish nearshore and offshore. The important fact is that will help you to determinate which one could be your best business strategy.

  • Distance. This is the biggest difference between these two models. While doing nearshore, you should be looking for companies in your region, for example, the USA and Mexico. In the case of offshore, distance doesn’t really matter. You need to answer the next questions, If you need to visit your outsourcing company would you rather travel for a short or long distance? and how crucial it is for you that your developers speak the same language that you speak?
  • Price. This is the first reason why business looks forward to outsourcing. It is true that offshore can be much cheaper than nearshore. The key factor here is to consider how important will be to sacrifice such things as language, different time zone, and cultural issues. In this case, you need to analyze your nearest companies to see if they can be a better option than offshore.
  • Control. Remember that you are going to be hiring another company, which will have their own culture and work develop. You need to make sure that the communication between both sides will be good. Sometimes in the case of offshore, it might be difficult to control every single detail in the process because of the distance. On the other hand, at choosing nearshore, you can be sure you will save time and the decision process would be faster

Now you understand better the main difference between these two outsourcing models. Remember that depending on the needs you want to cover, you have to pick wisely and make a good research about your best companies options even near as far from you.

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