The Rise of The App Economy

The Rise of the Mexican App Economy – What is The App Economy – Part 1

The rise of a new breed of mobile devices brought to life a new global market in the form of the app economy. It’s been 10 years of steady growth since its inception  and there is no sign of stopping anytime soon. The world is still adapting, small companies are being created, and the few big competitors are trying to maintain control.

Why is it appealing

Jobs, companies, and economic growth are some of the things a new industry can bring to a country. The Mobile Application Economy (App economy) is no exception. For a developing country like Mexico, and for companies brave enough to adventure into this country, the app economy is a huge opportunity. The need for new users in emerging markets is real.

Mexico sits in the middle of the American continent, serving as a bridge for business and people, metaphorically and literally. The sense of closeness that Mexico creates around it, cascades to the vast number of software development companies that have made it home, creating value and adapting the ever evolving global economy.

The beginning

The app economy as we know was born back in 2007, with the introduction of the iPhone and later the Android Play Store. The ripples this event created are still shaking the world business to its core. Nowadays, there is an app for almost anything, in the beginning the marketplaces were very different, the rise of Android made it possible for many small companies and creative developers to have the chance of creating great apps. The App economy  has become into a powerful economic force that rivals the top of the industries today.

Business and the App Economy

Companies of every size are trying to penetrate the mobile application market. The benefits of gaining access to this industry through Mexico are simple and well outlined, the key benefits that you will find in Mexico are:

Close Proximity to the US

Cost Savings

Skilled and Abundant Workforce

Global Manufacturing and Logistics Centers


The future is here and the growth of the app economy is a constant that should be tracked to understand where it’s going, how will it integrate with new technologies, practices, frameworks, and business trends.

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