The role of a software engineer – An introduction – Part 1

By Alice Vlasova

With the rise of information technology and web applications, software engineers have become a cornerstone of the modern world. The high-speed economy in which we live demands software products that can serve the needs for communication, work, and leisure of the end user.

How can we define a software engineer?

The common definition for a developer is: “someone that applies the basis of software engineering to design, maintain, develop, test, and evaluate computer software”. The interesting thing about this definition is that it’s still being debated among the experts in the field. People with this background used to be called computer scientists, programmers, or developers. Today, the term can be replaced with any of these synonyms depending on the task required from the tech professional.

The role of engineers

Have you ever asked yourself: do I need engineers for my company? The answer in today’s standards is yes. The value that a software engineer can bring to your organization can be measured by the increase in:

  • Efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Sales

The reason is simple, by adding a developer to your staff you can increase the ability of your organization to react faster and more efficiently to change. By default, an engineer has a solid logical background that helps them analyze problems in a cohesive and rational way, seeing any project to completion under a rigid set of deadlines. They add an extra layer of analysis by designing processes that systematically detect and correct defects.

A force to be reckoned with

The role of engineers in business is as flexible as you want it to be. It is common for developers to be savvy on many different operating systems, web applications, software applications, software systems, and programming languages that can be of use for your organization.  

Once they have made an assessment of your organization, they can begin to counsel you on which is the best step forward. For example, you may be looking into Salesforce development for your company, because it’s the most popular CRM in the market.  A good developer can tell you if you really need to get these systems or if you need something else, something that adapts better to your budget and needs.

By adding a software engineer to your teams you get access to:

  • A Project manager
  • A Software Developer
  • A Web Developer
  • A Quality Assurance Member

These are some activities that grant organizations an edge over their competitors. Also, developers tend to push you to begin working towards the creation of your own systems, which allows you to cut costs on license software. The investment on your own systems can be expensive but the recognition for expansion is the first step towards innovation.


Leaders, strategists, and futurists are some of the things you can expect from software engineers. The role of the developers in today’s economy is crucial to enhance the connections between people and machine. We’ll dig through the various aspects of software engineering and software development in a series of articles, stay connected to know more.






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