There is no doubt that AI tools have become more popular as they provide businesses with game-changing information and solutions. As chatbot development demand grows, how can you know if an AI chatbot fits into your business goals? Believe us, a chatbot can help you with this and more!

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What Is an AI Chatbot?

To answer what is a chatbot, we need to start by it involves an artificial intelligence solution that works like a virtual assistant. It is increasingly used in customer service to improve client responses, reduce response time, and minimize additional human effort through automated processes. Though this is a robotic tool, the approach is to provide human-like interactions with the user to increase intuitiveness and effectiveness.

There are two variations on the concept of a chatbot. A traditional chatbot is preprogrammed and provides predetermined responses by pressing buttons. In contrast, conversational AI uses machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to continually self-learn via voice and message commands and provides the information that is being requested with some autonomy.

As a result, an AI chatbot provides customized actions, scalable interactions, and optimized processes for understanding responses outside its already programmed commands as well as gaining insights from customer preferences, patterns, and behavior. This will reduce costs compared to traditional customer research and extra staff executing these daily activities. Considering the scope that you are looking for and the types of objectives that your business has, a traditional or conversational AI would be a better fit.

Increase Sales and Customer Satisfaction with an AI Chatbot

We mentioned the major and generic benefits of a chatbot, but what can our AI chatbot do for market performance? From the simplest to the most complex, a conversational bot has a lot of uses that involve making analyses, predictions, and modifications to the given responses.

Unlike a traditional pre-set chatbot that only responds to queries, Advancio’s AI Chatbot responses can also be used as reminders and appointment scheduling for services like real-time wildcard services.

This tool can guide a customer’s journey and increase the effectiveness of your conversion from awareness to purchase to engagement. This can connect people and reduce demand across mediums like web pages or mobile devices, but it can also affect the customer experience if it is not well-programmed.

To build conversational AI, Advancio provides a tailored service based on your specific requirements for your type of industry and what you want to achieve. First, you must define your needs and the goals and scope of the conversational AI, a process that we can help you with on the first call. We then proceed to work together.

The chatbot then gains information from the customer database such as gender, age, lifestyle, interests, preferences, and more. This provides useful insights for product development and delivery that are more suited to a tailored and individual customer experience.

Aside from the previously mentioned functions, our conversation bot service can be integrated into a policy model and into a call center model as a virtual agent to simplify data processing. For this, we offer a special package that you can consult with our IT specialist.

This AI Chatbot Will Impact your Business ROI

Deloitte AI Institute and Chamber Technology Engagement Center (C_TEC) released the Investing in Trustworthy AI study that showed some interesting facts about the future of these related tools. Over 71% of customers would gain trust in AI tools for complex pattern identification, 65% would trust new product development and delivery, and 56% would trust the technology for efficiency increases, repetitive task reduction, and speed and accuracy of decision-making improvements.

In the short term, this could be seen as improvements in 24/7 customer support availability and agility for handling queries. In the medium term, conversational AI will redirection some staff efforts into other business activities, which can improve performance. But in the long term, these customer perceptions also involve the human agent being able to manage different stages of the customer journey and invest their resources in more tailored and faster, customized experiences.

The impact on the interaction between brand and customer that starts with an AI chatbot can turn from a sporadic one to a solid one with engagement potential and can attract more users and clients. In terms of market performance, through conversational AI you can better understand what your clients think and want, and how to develop products or services that not only satisfy their primary needs or surpass their expectations but also feel connected like when you use something for your daily basis just because you like it.

Using this approach, you will be able to mitigate risks and improve your placement in the market alongside increasing your revenue. Based on what you expect to gain in total revenue, a conversation bot implies an initial inversion, but also a cost reduction and income increase in other business areas that will allow you to make more strategic and effective decisions. With our 10-day POC free program, you can get a conversational AI in your platform and test it for 24 days to have the first view of its benefits!

Now you know that an AI chatbot can be a game-changing ally for your business and accelerate your growth. Advancio provides you with a highly customized conversational bot that meets your requirements. Know More about This AI Chatbot and take together this innovative step together.