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UI UX Design –  Mexican Design Effect

by Alice Vlasova

Web designers are always looking for inspiration to make new digital products great. To do so, they turn their gaze into places with unique and interesting visual elements to enhance their software. These are places that can help them connect with their users with unique elements and Mexico is one of these places.

Traditional Mexican Aesthetics

Unique colors, forms, and ideas are some things that make Mexican elements so attractive to designers. Charged with emotion and a sense of revelry, Mexican aesthetics bring out a sense of freedom to designers that translate into their work.

The overall cultural and historical background brings to life the many unique elements that flow into graphic elements. Some of the key elements that make Mexican design so effective for design are:

Translating these forms to user experience design and user interface design

Developers take these elements and begin to build new projects enhancing the technical elements of software development. Merging it with the unique scope and goal of their project, creating something that translates more energy and can merge with modern trends.

The end result is something that can be described as energetic, lively, and powerful. This is due to the fact that some of the forms you can find in Mexican design tend to take organic elements. Becoming one with the right canvas, adapting to solid forms in a very eye-catching form.

UX in Mexico

User Experience as a profession in Mexico is somewhat new. It can be traced back to 2011 and is still finding its way into the country’s business environment. However, Mexican developers tend to work closely with international firms and coworkers. That’s how Mexican professionals draw knowledge of great UX from some of the most advanced countries in the matter, countries like the United States, France, Japan, Canada, Germany and more.


We can say that the Mexican effect for visual design is the flexibility it grants UI/UX designers to take organic forms and adapt them. This is how designers enhance their user experience and user interfaces, making them a lot more organic and approachable for the end user. UX design can learn a lot from the historical background of Mexico and the long baggage of graphic design the country has.


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