User Experience Design, User Interface Design, or Graphic design? Love, at first sight, meets the perfect first date.

The design is all about creation, creativity, and function. There was a time when the use of the word “design” automatically referred to graphic design, this is not bad, it’s just that design in the digital world has evolved to fit different needs, things like user  interaction, responsiveness, and the attention span of a goldfish are what design as a discipline needs to deal with nowadays; that’s why, you need to think deeper when it comes to design, you need to take behavior into account.

As you must have deduced by now, there is no experience without an interface, and the interface is useless without the right graphic layout. These three different design disciplines go hand in hand to create a seamless interaction with your users and although they seem really different they share some similarities.

Now let’s find out what they mean and how they relate to one another:

Graphic Design

Look at graphic design as the way to express every visual need you have in a cohesive coherent way. Colors, Fonts, Forms, and pretty much every piece a layout is a canvas for a graphic designer, they are in charge of bringing to life the image you envision.

The thing is, the final result often lacks interactive elements, too static to be of use in a digital format, this is when the limitations of graphic design become clear, there is no real mobility.

UX – User Experience Design

Think of User Experience as understanding your user’s behavior to enhance their satisfaction. UX goal is simplifying user interactions with your system, achieve the goals you want for your website, app, or platform. This type of design not only works in a digital environment, nowadays the internet of things is making UX design a primordial part of human-computer interaction extending to an environment never before imagined.

UI – User Interface Design

Everything that needs to be interactive is what UI is all about, from buttons to email forms,  it is the type of design that supports graphics to be useful to the user, it’s not rocket science, it needs to be researched for success, user interface serves its purpose if it’s used to target the right people and helps them use your system in the way you intended.

You need to make everything on a website as clear as possible and imagine yourself in the shoes of your target market. Anticipate their behavior and wow them.

In the end is all about value, a design is meant to be a cornerstone for any organization, create smooth transitions between users and your platform, helping you accomplish whatever goal your site or app needs to fulfill.


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