Univision Insight On Advancio

Our story of engineering talent begins in Ensenada, a humble coastal city just an hour south of San Diego. Ensenada is quietly becoming an important city for software development and web design. We first meet Hector, a software developer, and IT manager. He is hopeful and says that with 4 years of experience in the Mexican environment, Advancio is preparing for tomorrow’s challenges by expanding into a new office building that will be able to house over 200 developers.

With the upcoming changes to DACA, a controversial U.S. foreign immigration policy, 600,000 Dreamers are waiting for a resolution on their migration status. Advancio, is preparing to embrace what could be a huge injection of talent and energy into the workforce in Mexico.

Ensenada has been called the new Silicon Valley by some and represented by many more as such, pushed by individuals with possessing strong English skills, engineering degrees, and a strong drive for progress.

These opportunities exist in Ensenada thanks to higher education and research centers such as CETYS University, CICESE, UNAM, and UABC University, forcing companies to pay attention to the talent that is being molded in the area.

Companies like Advancio or LKMX open their arms to Dreamers that are willing to offer their talents, experience, and energy to enhance communities and drive innovation in a fast-growing region.

“There is no reason to fear, there is always a place for another Mexican” Carlos Lopez Briz

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