Here are some problems Artificial Intelligence will solve

In the past couple of years, there’s been a lot of buzz around the concept of Artificial intelligence (AI). The concept has been around for years, not many people know that was only in 1950 when British, Alan Turing, made the question “if humans were able to use available information to solve problems and make decisions – then why can’t machines do the same thing?“

Many people are afraid of AI because of Hollywood movies but don’t worry, Ultron won’t come to get his revenge. The truth is that AI has a lot of products that can be used for different tasks and activities. It’s slowly becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives. By now you must be asking yourself what are all the problems that AI can help me solve. 

4 key problems solved by Artificial Intelligence?

The use of AI is so seamless that you may be using it right now and you haven’t noticed. A great example of example is Image Tagging by Facebook. Spam detection by your email account. These days you don’t need to worry about tagging a friend thanks to facing recognition techniques. The spam is no longer an issue unless you like an interesting newsletter. Now let’s talk about some business problems solved by machine learning.

The combination of cybersecurity and AI it’s one of the brightest ideas of our time. As we know AI works and learns from all the data we generate. The industry Cylence, says that AI can help them to prevent cyber attacks by understanding the DNA of attacks. Ai will be looking at millions of files, and learn exactly what makes them up. In order to make it work, companies would require an immense amount of resources including memory, data, and computing power.

Customer Experience.
Every organization wants to provide a high-quality experience to its users. In this case, marketers will get a lot of advantage with an AI System as their tool.  Marketers are on the hunt for rich and relevant data to enhance campaigns and activations, these data can come from various sources such as email campaigns, website visitors, etc. Using AI as a system to process and learn from all that information will help them to predict your customer activity. Based on that you will be able to create an excellent customer experience just for them.

Financial Analysis
AI has been a finance partner for a long time and it’s one of the strongest trends fo this Fintech 2020. The finance industry has a lot of quantitative and accurate historical data. While the support of AI systems in this industry has been more related to customer service as chatbots and conversational interfaces. It seems that now it will facilitate some internal tasks with constant evaluations of data and analysis of anomalies, this will help improve the precision of models and rules. An easy example, in Hong Kong, developers created a program called VITAL which uses large amounts of data to make investment recommendations.

Medical Diagnosis
The implementation of an AI system in the Medical Industry will help to improve the patient’s health at a low cost. As we already mentioned before, one of the most important aspects of AI is that they learn and recognize patrons. This will give the chance to create a program to help doctors and provide faster and more accurate treatment to their patients. However, AI would be able to detect early forms of cancer or other diseases by analyzing older patient’s information. This technology in the health sector will help to take better health decisions, diagnose disease and even prevent risks earlier.

These are just some of the solutions that AI can help us with. As you can see, incorporate a Machine Learning to our systems could be very useful. With this technology doesn’t matter what turn your business has, you can get a lot of advantage from it. The advantage and benefits of AI are endless, and it doesn’t have to be anything to what we see in movies. Now it is on us to learn how to apply AI systems in our business sector. 

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