Great Software Developers

What Makes a Great Software Developer?

By Cesar Contreras

Finding and retaining talented developers has become a constant struggle for companies today. This is not because there’s a lack of professionals; the main issue is to find the perfect mix of soft and hard skills that will enhance your projects.

The ever-evolving tech landscape

To say that technology evolves fast is an understatement. The high speed of the tech industry is something that cannot be worked around. This makes the recruitment process a key factor for tech companies. Recruiting great developers that are able to adapt to changing trends and best practices is a priority. But what are the traits that define a great software developer?

The key traits that make a software developer stand out are:

Problem Solving

The ability to analyze a problem and find the best solution is one of the most sought skills in developers. Often times, people overlook the value of being able to think outside the box when tackling a heavy set of requirements. For developers, who are commonly mistaken to think only with logic, creative problem solving becomes an extremely powerful asset.


Here’s the thing about a passionate software developer. They can withstand the pressure of deadlines better than an unmotivated developer. A programmer’s ability to love the job at hand even when times are tough and changes are all over the place cannot truly be underestimated by management or recruitment.

Being a Team Player

The Hollywood fantasy of a lone programmer working in the shadows couldn’t be more wrong. To cope with deadlines and the complexity, it takes to finish a project modern developers have to be part of a strong and cohesive team. Let’s be honest, nobody likes to work with an arrogant teammate that know-it-all. The ability to communicate and collaborate in harmony is a must, otherwise, the team will crumble.

Hunger for Knowledge

Let’s be real. Developers will need to be caught up with new information on a constant basis at all times. This means a developer needs to like learning and researching to cope with the information overload that comes in constant waves.

Technical Savvy

Last but not least, the technical knowledge of a developer needs to be taken into account. To know which set of languages and frameworks you need for your project, you should look for advice from your IT team or a developer already working alongside you.


In the end, the struggle to find great software developers and to retain them in your teams is an ongoing process that shouldn’t be overlooked. Also, there are a bunch of lists that come from human resources and recruitment that are great as guidelines, but sometimes you need to approach the team player to understand what the real traits that make software developer great are. What do you think? Reach out to us with your comments and suggestions as we are always listening. Or let us know what you think about this article.

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