We are DOers

that believe in the power of people.

Why we DO what we DO

We are big believers in using technology to simplify lives and amplify communities. This means using technology to secure businesses, improve customer experience, and employee productivity. It also means proving the technical tools and resources that allow students to find a career in tech, as well as hosting tech events to gather like-minded individuals with a passion for technology.

Executive Team

Who Are We? Karim Jernite Co-Founder B/W

Karim Jernite

I have always believed that software and IT can provide a future for any business in the world in this day and age. Through Advancio, I’m driven to provide the best possible service to our clients by delivering the best possible product while also challenging my team to continuously push the envelope in creativity and ingenuity.

Who Are We? Josie Lopez B/W

Josie Lopez

I like to think of myself as an entrepreneurial spirit that thrives on a community based environment. My business vision is to facilitate collaboration by building a solid communication avenue through technology, whether its an SAAS product or a website built to connect a company with its users. Technology can bring people together.

Our People

Jorge Magaña
Regional Manager| Mexico

Who Are We? Omar Aquel Morocco Regional Manager

Omar Aqel
Regional Manager| Morocco

Who Are We? David Pringle U.S Territory Sales Manager

David Pringle
U.S. Territory Sales Manager


Our mission is to simplify lives and amplify communities through technology. To accomplish this, the foundation of our company is built upon six essential core values. These values are: Integrity, Discipline, Innovation, Passion, Unity and Balance and our can be reflected in our work, creativity, and quality.

We live to serve our clients by building relationships based on trust and transparency. First, we begin by getting to know you. Next, you to share your vision and goals with us. In return, we share our knowledge and expertise with you to tailor a custom IT strategy that fits your needs. Our mutual relationship can be taken up a notch with our ability to visit your office during the onboarding process.


Core Values

In an era of information, integrity is essential in providing a transparent and honest service. Integrity is not based on situation. It is a state of mind.

Achieving goals is impossible without discipline, which provides stability and structure. Without discipline, there would be uncontrolled chaos.

Bringing ideas to life without innovation is a daunting task. By innovating, the amount of positive changes and potential discoveries are limitless.

Without passion, a simple task or assignment becomes a chore. Without passion, failure is inevitable. One of the requirements for working at Advancio is passion.

It is easier to come up with new ideas when there is an environment that is complemented by unity and support. Unity also brings about success on large multi-faceted projects.

We believe in a balanced life to ensure that quality of work and performance never falters. A balanced life also leads to longevity and efficiency.


Advancio Timeline