Why Nearshoring Could Be Your Best Business Strategy

By Citlalli Campos

When the term outsourcing appeared in business, it opened the door to a whole new world. Evolution is part of business, for some organizations, it’s expensive to invest in new areas for the company. For that reason, you have different options for outsourcing like onshore, offshore and nearshore.

These three outsourcing options provide many benefits and obstacles to companies. Everything depends on the objective you are looking to accomplish for your company. But now we are going to present to you why your best option is nearshoring.

What is nearshore?

Nearshoring means transferring your business operations to another country that is located nearby. The most popular form of nearshore is everything related to technology and software development processes. What business expected to work in their favor are some offshoring issues like proximity, language barriers, cultural and time zones deference.

Nowadays, there are so many companies providing nearshoring services with the plan for covering these market needs. A good example will be if a retail company looking to improve its internal systems or even create an app, instead of creating a development department they can hire an extern team from a company that works developing such things.

How can this be my best strategy?

As we mentioned before, there are some great benefits to use nearshore. These elements are what make nearshoring become the best strategy for your company:

  • Better control. You have greater contact with your outsourcers, giving you better control of production and less time in the decision-making process because communication is much faster.
  • Low price. This is the main reason why outsourcing was made in the first place. There are so many countries that will offer you lower prices and significantly higher services. Working with nearshore, you can build a trustworthy business relationship because most likely will share the same culture, language, and time zone. 
  • New talents. With Nearshore, you can be sure of hiring a Qualified team of executives. Some companies will offer you specialists with high profile education, and years of experience. Adding to your company a fresh and new vision for the projects you will develop together. 
  • Same Time zone. This is convenient because this will allow you to personally travel to your outsourcing team or contact them on demands. The time and money you are saving avoiding the timezone 
  • Cultural and language barriers. By doing nearshore with neighbor countries that shares both language and culture. Even when is not the case, if you choose some companies located in border cities it will be much easier to conduct business and generate trust. 

As you can see, nearshore could bring many perks to your company. Having closeness to your outsourcing, will helps you to avoid little problems as we mention before. Like avoiding different time zones, language and some cultural barriers that can make the desition process slowly.  The key to this is to choose the right partner, who will provide you the new talent that you need and accomplish together your business goals.

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